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June 7th-10th, 2018

A play area designed for children 10 & under where everything is FREE and the parents can sit and relax! Straw bails surround each activity, and canopies provide shade to offer a friendly setting and plenty of seating.

Hand Painting: Children friendly hand painter offering select paintings (If a paid Vendor requires no competition, we provide water tattoos). 

Drawing Boards: Markers and paper provided on stand up drawing boards under a canopy. Children 10 and under can draw their favorite picture to take home. 

Hula Hoops: “Old Time Fun” for children (and parents, too!) to test their skills at using a hula hoop.

Building Blocks: A shaded area set up with building blocks for children to test their imagination and build for hours or minutes – the choice is theirs! 

Kid Car Play Zone: The 6 and under crowd will be happy in an area of their own. It provides a straw boundary to drive little push cars around in. 

Sand Box: 9’ x 9’ Sandbox frame is set-u[ under a canopy, with sand and sand toys for children 10 and under to play the day away! A daily coin “treasure hunt” can be organized if you get a sponsor or provide the coins. 

Musical instruments: Children 10 and under will have fun creating their own sounds on wood, metal and plastic. 

Bean Bag Toss: An old fashion bean bag toss game designed for children 10 and under with target boards and bean bags provided. 

Jump Ropes: Children 10 and under pick a jump rope in the are and jump rope in the area and jump off some of that extra energy they have! 

Activity Cube: Activity center geared for the “little guys”. Each side has something creative for little hands and minds. 

Bowling: Kids can go for the strikes and spares all day, just like Mom and Dad. Children 10 and under, realistic pins, balls and alley provide.

 Busy Bones Puzzle: Multi-Colored puzzle pieces that help kids learn the human skeleton, designed for children 10 and under. Guide shows the names and placement of the bones. Parents will love to participate. 

Magnetic Sand Table: An exciting table that lets the kids propel different objects by magnetic force in an enclosed area. Designed for children 10 and under to keep busy minds exploring.