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June 7th-10th, 2018

With a rare instrument from Switzerland called the PANArt Hang, Jessica Styler and her group designs uniquely beautiful music The PANArt Hang.

The Hang [pronounced hung] is a new instrument invented by Sabina Schärer & Felix Rohner in Bern, Switzerland circa 2001 A.D. and is the result of a marriage between art and science. The Hang is a rare, melodic percussion instrument that births a new dimension of instrument creation, for it is a vibrationally based instrument that can individually create a cathedral of sound. 

Its creation spawned a family of instruments called Hand Pans. They are similar to the Steel Pans from Trinidad only they sound much more magical, are shaped like UFOs, and are played with your hands. Although original Hang makers discontinued the Hang in 2013, there are many Hand Pan makers now in the world, however the original Hang makers continue to build the most beautiful hand pan instruments to this day.

The Hang sounds like a incredible meld between a harp, xylophone, hand bells, and a gong. Most say it sounds like a “gift from heaven." It is the most uniquely perfect instrument for a wedding ceremony. Hearing it during your processional will make you feel like you're being escorted by a chorus of angels. The Hang is unlike anything else in the world.

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